Our Approach

Creating a culture of creativity that includes 3D printing is what drives what we do. Creatives around the world have used various new mediums of communication and technology to create their art, and the next step in this evolution includes utilizing 3D printing technology in various ways to achieve creative vision.

Our Story

3D Printing Education was created by Brian Alls with the goal of empowering people to think about and confidently use 3D Printing in their creative projects.

Having went to college for mechanical engineering, Brian quickly learned that he also had an eye for photography and a passion for the arts that was just as strong as his love of engineering.

Utilizing engineering-based principles and presenting it in a way that is easily digestible by creatives is what we do best, because we are passionate about opening up the ability of creatives to do what they do best. Create.

Connect with Us

Check out our blog and Brian's social media pages (Instagram & Twitter: @BrianAlls), for more!